Marie Mason - A roller coaster of hell


I was reading in bed, my eye felt like it had something in it, so I tried to rub it away, as you do, but the feeling wouldn’t go, so I packed in reading and went to sleep. The next morning my eye was ok. The same thing kept happening though. I also noticed in the day that every time I went outside my eye and head really hurt, a bit like brain freeze pain. So I made an appointment at the doctors for in a couple of weeks time.

In the meantime, whilst walking through town after work one day I decided to pop into Specsavers just to see if anyone could take a quick look at my eye as it had now become a little red and itchy. The contact lens lady had a look and immediately got the main man to have a look. He asked my symptoms and then told me I’d have to go straight to eye casualty as an emergency. So off I went…….

Several consultants, doctors etc had a good look, eye scrapes were done and off I went home with PHMB and an appointment for three days later……..and so on 15th June 2015 it began……..

A roller coaster of hell……appointments, scrapes, relapses, drops, tablets, blood tests, procedures……over and over again.

I’ve had three cornea transplants, the first one was an emergency as my consultant was worried that my cornea was going to perforate due to the parasite and toxic drops. I suffered rejection, very painful, but I overcame it with three steroid infusions and oral steroids, but the AK was still in my eye and attacked once again causing me to have my second transplant. Again I suffered rejection and again I overcame it and again AK struck.


My third cornea is doing well, I don’t have any signs of the parasite, but we can never say never, I’m undergoing treatment for other problems with my eye all brought on by AK. I don’t have much vision, it’s like looking through the most dense fog ever. I see black spots……

But after been given a 1% chance of saving my eye just before Christmas 2017 .....I still have it
Marie Mason 2019
Marie Mason
AK Warrior